Sovereignty, Privacy & Economic Freedom.

Recommended Software

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Being more selective over the applications and services you use in your daily life will provide the largest overall improvement to online privacy and security.

You should always be wary of private companies offering “free” products or services. If the product does not charge a fee or is not a community-based open-source project, then you are likely paying for it with your personal data.

The following list is an ever-evolving curation of privacy/security focussed services, applications and open-source projects that are superior alternatives to mainstream applications.


  • Mullvad VPN. Privacy focussed VPN. Bitcoin/XMR Payments.
  • IVPN. Privacy focussed VPN. Bitcoin/XMR Payments.
  • Orbot. Encrypt your internet traffic with Tor.
  • ProtonVPN. Secure & free VPN service.
  • InviZible Pro. Become InviZible on the internet.


Web Browsers.

Password Managers.

  • Bitwarden. Open-source password manager.
  • KeePassXC. Open-source password manager.
  • Keepass. Offline, Secure, Private password manager.
  • KeepassDX. Open-source password manager for KeePass files.


  • YubiKey. 2FA hardware devices.
  • Aegis. FOSS Android 2FA application.
  • andOTP. TOTP from QR codes for Android 2FA.
  • Nitrokey. Open-source USB key for encrypting & signing data.


Email Clients.


  • RoninDojo. Privacy first Bitcoin node for Samourai Wallet.
  • PiNodeXMR. Plug & play Monero node.
  • RaspiBlitz. DIY Lightning node for Raspberry Pi.
  • RaspiBolt. DIY Lightning node for Raspberry Pi.

Frontend Applications.

  • NewPipe. The lightweight Youtube experience for Android.
  • FreeTube. The private YouTube client.
  • Invidious. Open-source front-end for YouTube.
  • Fritter. Privacy-friendly Twitter frontend for Android.
  • Twire. FOSS Twitch browser & player.

Self-Hosting Platforms.

  • YunoHost. Simplifying server administration.
  • RunTipi. Homeserver management made easy.
  • DietPi. Lightweight yet powerful OS for SBCs.
  • Proxmox. Powerful open-source server solution.

Self-Hosting Tools.

  • PrivateBin. Minimalist open-source online paste bin.
  • Invidious. Open-source front-end for YouTube.
  • Headscale. open-source Tailscale server implementation.
  • NextCloud. Online collaboration platform.
  • PhotoPrism. Decentralised, AI-powered Photo storage.
  • Immich. Self-hosted photo & video backup solution.
  • FreshRSS. A free, self-hostable feed aggregator.
  • LibRedirect. Redirect links to privacy frontends.
  • Teddit. Privacy focussed Reddit frontend.
  • Nitter. Alternative Twitter frontend.


Operating Systems.

P2P Exchanges.

Hardware Wallets.



RSS Readers.

  • Feeder. Your favourite content, all in one place.
  • Read You. Android RSS reader in Material You style.
  • Nunti. A smart RSS reader which doesn’t suck your data.
  • FreshRSS. Android client for FreshRSS.

App Stores.


  • 1984. Safe hosting in Iceland.
  • Njalla. Anonymous domain names & hosting.
  • Namecheap. ICANN-accredited domain & web hosting company.
  • OrangeWebsite. Icelandic web hosting with free speech.

Do you know of any FOSS, privacy or security focussed resources not listed here? Feel free to reach out & contribute with your suggestions.