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Privacy Policy


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What data do we collect? does not collect or store any personally identifiable data on our visitors.

We are privacy-focused individuals with absolutely no interest nor desire to know who our visitors are, where they are from, or how they use the site.

We don't

  • Offer account registrations. Only administrator accounts are enabled.
  • Allow visitors to comment on any posts, articles, or pages.
  • Offer any shopping, sales, or checkout facilities.
  • Make use of any third-party embedded contact forms.
  • Store any personally identifiable visitor logs.
  • Use any form of advertising tracker.
  • Monetize the website in any way other than offering users the ability to make anonymous donations.

We do

  • Enable SSL/TSL strict mode, providing end-to-end encrypted connections.
  • Disable server logging.
  • Host our own BTCPayServer for donations.

For improved privacy, we recommend visitors use an anonymous VPN whenever interacting with any websites via Clearnet, including ours.

Embedded content from external sites

Some embedded content from external websites may be on our pages, posts, or articles. This content could be tweets, videos, images, etc. This content behaves as if the user had visited this external website directly.

These sites could potentially collect data, including third-party trackers, cookies & usage statistics. Visitors logged into external websites whilst interacting with embedded content may link usage data to their accounts.


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