Sovereignty, Privacy & Economic Freedom.

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I’m dedicated to privacy, freedom of speech & financial sovereignty, with a strong belief that everyone has the right to remain anonymous, both socially & financially. I fully support the development & use of all tools that assist in improving the privacy & safety of others.

The use of bitcoin & Monero in a peer-to-peer, anonymous manner are the most effective tools the world has seen for achieving true financial sovereignty & both personal passions of mine. I also fully support the development, sharing & widespread use of free & open source (FOSS) software.

I created this site as a hub for my articles & threads, a central repository of my thoughts. As my knowledge improves, I aim to help those at the beginning of their own privacy journeys, providing easily digestible guides & explanations for the many different tools, services & aspects of financial privacy.

For those just discovering financial privacy, it can be a very overwhelming experience. For this reason, I try to produce content that can be understood by all & not just those who are already familiar with the technicals of privacy. I try to avoid writing overcomplicated, long-winded & highly technical articles, instead attempting to explain often complex subjects in a form that even beginners can follow & benefit from.

As the pressures of anti-privacy sentiment & overregulation grow more potent, so does the pushback from the privacy community. If you are reading this, you are on the right path to sovereignty & financial freedom. I salute you & give you my warmest welcome to the site.