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The RoninDojo Bokuto Node.

The Bokuto is the latest bitcoin node hardware offering from the incredibly dedicated, relentless, Ronindojo team.

The RoninDojo Bokuto.

RoninDojo firmly believes that financial privacy & sovereignty are God-given rights & should be available to all regardless of budget. As demand for privacy-focused bitcoin nodes continues to grow, the number of “privacy first” node projects does not.

The Tanto was RoninDojo’s first dedicated hardware release & proved to be a big hit amongst the privacy-focused bitcoin community, providing users with an officially supported hardware solution to provide the very best possible RoninUI experience.

The custom-engineered manufacturing process of the Tanto chassis left the price out of reach for some bitcoiners, a problem which RoninDojo intends to remedy with the Bokuto.

The Bokouto equips you with the recommended barebone hardware setup. Get up and running in no time. 3D print the enclosure yourself, or later upgrade your Bokuto with a Tanto Kit.

The Bokuto consists of the same premium hardware found in the Tanto but without the custom aluminium, powder-coated chassis, providing significant savings to the end user whilst supplying the same hardware efficiency as the flagship device.

What’s in the box?

  • RockPro64 single board computer.
  • Ronin X4-M2-C | PCIe X4 to M.2/NGFF NVMe SSD interface card.
  • Pine64 power supply 12V/3A.
  • 20mm Pine64 CPU heatsink.
  • Pine64 heatsink fan | 40x40x10mm.
  • 32GB microSD card | Kensington 100MB/s.
  • 1TB NVMe SSD  | Western Digital Blue SN570.

The RockPro64 is the superior solution for operating a bitcoin node & an ideal upgrade for those struggling to acquire, or wanting to upgrade, their Raspberry Pi hardware.

This board is sporting the Rockchip RK3399 Hexa-Core CPU with 4x A53 (1.4GHz) & 2x A72 (1.8GHz) ARM Cortex cores, unrivalled in processing performance. Other features, including 4GB LPDDR4 memory, 128MB SPI flash, eMMC compatibility, Gigabit Ethernet & an open-ended PCIe 4x slot, make this one of the most powerful SBC options available.

The supplied Ronin X4-M2-C adapter & 1TB NVMe SSD utilise the RockPro64’s onboard PCIe slot, allowing both send & receive functions to operate simultaneously, with independent bandwidths of 250MB/s. Not only does this reduce the footprint & messy cabling of internal 2.5″ SSDs, but it is also a superior alternative to USB-connected drives, which often encounter I/O errors due to the power limitations of USB.

NVMe, the future of node storage.

The Bokuto is not supplied with a case; however, RoninDojo has open-sourced the files to 3D print your own Dojo Case, specifically designed for the Bokuto. Not only does this case look amazing, but you can customise the colours to suit your taste & print yourself for free.

The open-source Dojo case.

If you don’t have the equipment to print a case, many 3D printing services are available; all they need are the files.

You can also support the pro-bitcoin 3D printing community by purchasing Bokuto cases from them directly. These guys are true artists, avid bitcoiners & have dedicated countless hours to the design & creation of unique bitcoin-related products.

The “Himitsu-Bako” cases below were custom designed & printed by the amazingly talented BlackCoffeeBTC. You can purchase these cases from him directly over at Anchor Hodl & simultaneously support the circular economy by paying with bitcoin.

Anchor Hodl also has the open-sourced Dojo cases, available to purchase, pre-printed & ready to go.

For more information, check out the Anchor Hodl Twitter account or contact BlackCoffee directly via Telegram!

Another fantastic option is the beautiful “slashed” RoninDojo Bokuto case below, designed by the amazingly talented guys at & available to purchase directly from their store.

I’m sure that the 3D community will come up with many more great Bokuto cases in the future, or you could even design one yourself.

RoninDojo “slashed” Bokuto case by

Due to the hardware similarities, you will also have the option to upgrade your RoninDojo Bokuto & convert it into a Tanto. RoninDojo is planning to release Tanto upgrade kits & cases in the near future so watch this space for more information as it arrives.

I’m super pumped about the launch of the Bokuto. It merges the forces of the bitcoin privacy & 3D printing communities, into an affordable, customisable, full bitcoin node package, all wrapped together with the intuitive, supercharged RoninUI software.

RoninUI 2.0

The Bokuto was officially announced at the Bit Block Boom Conference in Texas on Saturday, 27th August. You can purchase the Bokuto directly from the RoninDojo Store for $299 upon release.

RoninDojo will also be launching an EU-based store soon, accepting bitcoin-only payments. This is something that the community has widely requested, and it will be great to get more RoninDojo hardware into the hands of Europeans.

For more information, jump into the RoninDojo official Telegram chat.

Thanks for reading 🙂