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The Boltzmann Calculator – RoninDojo.


The Boltzmann calculator is a brilliantly crafted python script built into the CLI toolkit of your RoninDojo bitcoin node.

Boltzmann provides users with an elegant solution for calculating the linkability of a given transaction’s inputs & outputs, as well as the transaction’s entropy. It’s also effortless to use. Let’s take a look.

There are plans to integrate Boltzmann into RoninUI; however, for now, to access it, we will need to login into RoninCLI. Open a terminal, or if using Windows install PuTTY.

Now, login to the CLI menu using your Dojo’s IP address, your username (usually “ronindojo”) & the password you created during your node setup. A typical Linux command will look something like this;

ssh [email protected]

RoninDojo’s CLI menu.

From the CLI menu, select option 5, Samourai Toolkit; then, on the following menu, choose option 2, Boltzmann Calculator. You will once again need to supply your password.

Boltzmann Calculator CLI.

As shown in the examples, Boltzmann allows you to enter either a single TXID or multiple comma-separated TXIDs. Enter a TXID into the terminal & You will see details of the inputs/outputs of the transaction, deterministic links, efficiency, entropy & fees.

Boltzmann calculation of a Whirlpool transaction.

The example TX above is a typical, single 5×5 Whirlpool Coinjoin, resulting in 1496 different interpretations, 0 deterministic links, a wallet efficiency of 100%, & a total entropy of 10.546 bits & density of 1.054 bits per UTXO.

Now let us look at a typical transaction using poor wallet management. Boltzmann results show no entropy & only a single interpretation. We can also see an example of address reuse, as this same address appears in both the input & output fields of the TX.

Boltzmann calculation of a standard transaction.

Once finished, you can exit Boltzmann by typing “quit”. You’ll be returned to the command prompt & can get back into RoninCLI by simply typing “ronin”.

Your Dojo handles all queries, so there’s no risk of exposing TXIDs or IP addresses on external servers.

For more technical information regarding the Boltzmann Calculator, check out the Github link below or ask in the RoninDojo Telegram group.

Credit to LaurentMT