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UFW Configuration - kyc3.life

Part 5. Firewall Configuration


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Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW)

The Uncomplicated Firewall, or UFW, is a simple-to-use, command-line application for working with a Linux firewall.

Install UFW.

sudo apt install ufw -y

The following UFW rules should be applied in the terminal to ensure that only ports essential to the node's regular operation are open.

Default Settings

sudo ufw default deny incoming
sudo ufw default allow outgoing

Allow SSH Port

sudo ufw allow ssh

Allow Dojo ZMQ Ports

sudo ufw allow 28334/tcp
sudo ufw allow 28333/tcp

Allow Bitcoin Core RPC Port

sudo ufw allow 8332/tcp

Allow Fulcrum SSL Port

sudo ufw allow 50002/tcp

Allow Mempool HTTP Port

sudo ufw allow 4080/tcp

Enable UFW

sudo ufw enable

When enabling UFW, a warning may appear informing that enabling UFW may cause connection issues with the session. Since a rule allowing SSH was already applied, confirming with "y is safe."

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